Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas Dream

  I used to dream of musical Christmases with family, friends, neighbors and strangers gathered around my mahogany piano. . .laughing and singing out of tune and then snuggling to tell stories in front of my field stone fireplace. I used to dream of Christmases filled with Love, care and comfort. And I aimed in that direction, after I grew up. In the 1980s and early 1990s I had the house, the fireplace, the piano and other instruments. But then so much disruption happened in my life that it faded into a lost memory, which only sometimes peeks out as Christmas draws near. The home, the piano, the loved ones are all long gone. . .one way or the other. The targeting slyly pounded nails into my Christmas dream and wedges between me and all who used to care about me and would have gladly helped to make that dream come true. (One of the most painful parts of the targeting is the deprivation of the things we love most.)
   Since the early 1990s I've spent every Christmas day, (except for two) alone.  Within this loneliness, which is often painful, I have adopted the ritual of lighting prayer candles for those of us who are being targeted and for humanity to regain its freedom. For me, this puts a bit of meaning and Love into a holiday that has become far too empty for too many of us.

I hope you have a meaningful Christmas.