Saturday, January 16, 2016

After the Promise

   I aimed to watch a movie, in order to stop myself from thinking about the targeting for a little while. . .and ran right into a nasty part of it.

"After the Promise" (Starring Mark Harmon) is a heart wrenching movie about a man who loses his children due to one woman's deceit and a social worker failing to understand his wife's choice to not get modern medical treatment for an illness and to give natural birth to her children at home. As he fights to get his four boys back, they are being abused in institutions which have them falsely listed as "mentally ill" and as being abandoned by their father.
  The (1930s) horrors depicted in this movie have been a sad reality. Reform has probably changed some things since that era. But these sorts of things are still happening and some of it seems eugenics based. During my employment in a mental health facility I saw and heard many things that showed children being torn from homes for next to no valid reason while other children were left in horribly abusive homes.
   It is interesting that a psychiatrist is depicted as the good guy in this movie, since the field of psychiatry STILL seems heavily involved in eugenics based targetings, which include false "mental illness" labels and harmful psychiatric drugs. Some psychiatrists surely are not part of the horrors. But I think that we still need far more, like the one depicted in this movie, whose heart reaches beyond the false paper work, and the bad advise of other physicians, in order to save one of the boys and reunite him with his father. This movie should be watched by every mental health and social service employee around the globe.