Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Hard Working People

  Lately, when I hear the phrase "good hard working people," I worry about what is meant by it and how numb and mechanical our world is becoming. There are many different types of work and its important that we have the freedom to follow our Hearts into it and not be shoved into someone else's mold. But no matter who we are, or what we were born to be doing with out lives, the most important type of work we can do is that which is done when we let private solitude lead us into the soaring depths of our own Hearts. We do this work when we take time to process our life's experiences - when we take quiet time to think and feel and grieve and heal and grow into deeper levels of Love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Its the type of work that brings more Love into our world and makes it a better place to live in. And, sadly, it is the type of work that is being prevented by technological and pharmaceutical mind control. I hope that we can all become "good hard working people" very soon.

Healing the world begins and finishes
With the healing of our individual Hearts.