Monday, June 13, 2016

Heights of Wisdom

Heights of Wisdom 
The Conclusion

   Wisdom is an elderly, negro woman who was thought to be Jesus and was the primary character in a story I wrote, ("Heights of Wisdom") from the summer of 2004 to January 2006. I was forced, by heavy targeting, into discontinuing it before it was finished. Parts of it were even erased by those who infiltrate my computers. But I am writing a positive pre-conclusion to it, which is helping me to have a constructive focus in the mist of the hell I am experiencing. This conclusion will be short, because of ongoing targeting. The full conclusion will happen when I have regained my freedom from all levels of the targeting.
   Within this story Wisdom returns from a long spiritual retreat to help a woman who was trying to help save the Heart of humanity, before both she and her work were heavily targeted and she became trapped and was at her wits end. The woman told Wisdom about the Technological Holocaust and the enslavement of humanity through pharmaceutical and technological mind control. Wisdom decides that they need to finish some work, which already has a good start in two stories called, "The End of the Infiltration" and "Vision of a World with Heart."

The Sun is Now Rising for All of Humanity
Humanity is Embracing its Heart
And Setting Love Free.

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