Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Professional Hairdressers Used in the Sadistic Covert Targeting!

Cut was supposed to be a simple angle from bangs to the back.
  My experiences with my hair being ruined by hair dressers have been too many to be normal or a coincidence. This has been happening, an uncountable number of times, through the past couple decades, but here are just a few examples, including yesterday's experience.
    In 2009, a hairdresser applied temporary die to cover my grey hairs without my permission. This was very disturbing, because I intentionally keep my grey hairs and had even written an article about how important it was to me to hold onto that "wisdom."
   Around 2010 I was keeping my hair long but went to add in a few layers, in order to lighten it up a bit and the hair dresser sliced into my hair, in the opposite angle from what should have been done, forcing me to cut off most of my hair, because such a huge chunk was cut extremely short on the side where it was supposed to be long. Yesterday, I got a gift certificate to have my hair cut and this hair dresser did the exact same type of cut, at the wrong angle, that the other one did. . .and then proceeded to do the opposite of what I wanted with the rest of my hair as well! I politely kept reminding her of how I wanted it (a very simple style) - bringing her attention to the pictures she had in front of her as she ignored it and hacked up my hair. I left fuming and wondering if she was a mind control victim, who had no idea of what she was doing, or a puppet who was cruelly following her master's orders to upset me by ruining my hair. (And did she intentionally keep digging her comb into the open sore I have on the back of my head? She had parted it there, as if to see it, before she started digging into it. This is not a place where there is part or that needed to be parted.) I decided that it was probably mostly intentional and done to upset and provoke me. (I felt unnatural levels of frustration through the whole process and feel that this was from technological targeting of my brain.) But I had a right to my own natural anger too. So, I later called her to let her know how disappointed I was. I do not feel that this did any good.
   Apparently, when we "complain" about what they do to us they just do it more or worse the next time, although this is NOT "complaining" it is standing up against something that is wrong and mean. (I was technologically tortured after standing up for myself.) I, of course, will not go there again, but its shocking how many people and organizations are controlled by (or chose to follow) those who target me and it seems to be growing through the past few decades.
   This time my hair is so short, and the "mistake" so sever, that it can not be fixed without practically shaving my head. I was able to fix most of the rest of what she did and didn't do and can just tuck my hair behind ears until the severely chopped out section (shown in the picture above) grows out. Its not a big deal, if it were an honest mistake and if things like this had not been happening for decades almost everywhere I go. But this is not the case.
   I can honestly say that I am not picky about my hair. Before I began realizing the extent of the sadistic covert targeting, and how many people it uses, I used to think that my experiences with hairdressers were just my bad luck and, by around the year 2010, had thought that most hair dressers had an attitude which prevented them from doing what their clients want instead of their own thing. But I now feel that my bad experiences with hair dressers were mostly, if not ALL, part of the targeting and its pattern of intentionally doing the opposite of what their victim wants and using their puppets or mind control victims in various organizations in order to do it. My hair is not the only thing they have done the opposite of what I want and need with. This sort of cruelty has been happening in most aspects of my life and I need it to stop.

 P.S. I feel sad for people who are complete mind control victims, even when they hurt me. I feel far less sympathetic with people who CHOSE to follow that darkness, especially when behaving in ways that are mean or hurtful to others. I can't know for sure which category this hairdresser fell into. If I were 100% sure that she was just a mind control victim I would not have said anything to her. But my feelings count too and, either way, the malicious intent is there in their leaders/controllers and its hard to live with to say the least.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.