The End of the Infiltration

The End of the Infiltration
Revised March 2016 - global version

A Fictitious Vision of Hope

   Once upon a time there were great nations, which stood for Freedom, Liberty and opportunities for people to follow their hearts into making their dreams come true. They were also a safe refuges for those who fled from communism and other sorts of aims for control over citizens. But their open doors left them vulnerable to covert infiltrations, which slyly aimed to destroy them.

   By the 1970s, the infiltration was greatly aided by technologies which could remotely shoot brainwashing radio waves into the minds of individuals as well as whole communities as well as government agencies, military barracks and other organizations. Even the weather was being used as a weapon with the help of weather modification technologies.
     Radio wave detectors were slyly being made with filters designed to prevent detection of the low frequencies that were being used for mind control and some those who became aware were offered "protection" that was really a sly enslavement. With no defense against technological briainwashings people were being effected in ways that were altering the natural course of their lives and preventing personal and spiritual growth. People's Hearts were being blocked. They often unwittingly followed the brainwashings while thinking that they were their own thoughts and instincts. Confusion and discord spread rapidly, because the programming of peoples minds included severe levels of arrogance, greed, selfishness and immorality.
   Before anyone realized the scope of what was happening the nations had begun to crumble. Small businesses were forced into bankruptcy so that large organizations, which were owned by the infiltration, or by those whom they could control, could monopolize the markets. Gas prices soared to aid this process. The military was being taken over. Disasters were wiping out whole communities. The media was being controlled and threatened into not broadcasting anything about it. Families were being torn apart by sadistic covert targeting. Citizens, including government employees, were being roped into covert operations that were secretly run by the infiltrators. Citizens were being pitted against the government and the government was being pitted against citizens. Places where citizens should be able to go for help were being taken over. Eugenics based targetings grew rampant. Many people were being made ill or murdered, with microwave and laser weapons, in ways that looked like natural illnesses and deaths. Mysterious illnesses like lupus, fibromialgia and morgellons spread. Some were murdered with heart attacks, copd, cancer, leukemia and other sorts of lethal illnesses that were being inflicted with microwave weapons. The suffering grew. An uncountable number of lives were being covertly destroyed.
   Many people grew scared, because they could sense that something horrible was happening, but they didn’t understand what because they had no knowledge of the technologies that were being used on them. Most people’s Hearts became blocked and their brains numbed by the combination of psychiatric drugs, which were being pushed onto individuals and even placed in public drinking water, as well as the radio waves (microwaves) that were flooding their communities, homes and minds.
    Some people, especially those who became aware of what was happening, were being threatened, stalked and shot and tortured with laser weapons that were built into satellites, but nobody believed them. Some were being diagnosed as "mentally ill" and institutionalized, although nothing was wrong with them. Some were framed for crimes and incarcerated. Many became homeless (their work and homes sabotaged or destroyed). They suffered indescribably, while their loved ones were manipulated into joining the dark forces against them, mostly in the ways of refusing to help them. The targetings grew into a deadly holocaust.  
   Terror reined and fear gripped those who did not know how to combat it. The whole situation was looking too hopeless and tears fell from those who cared and wanted to do more than they could to stop the holocaust and end the suffering.
       Some uncontrolled Government officials began realizing the scope of what was happening and knew that more needed to be done but were too scared to openly stand up against the crimes, after watching lethal targetings of those who had already tried. In order to save humanity  Government officials and media were going to have to publically unite into the grandest stand for Freedom that humanity has ever had to perform. And though it seemed impossible, the time came when a Light shone for them to find the Heart and the courage to take that grand step. And all the world stood still during the first news broadcasts. Their voices echoed through the city streets, homes and businesses around the globe,

   "We are experiencing the most difficult crisis that humanity has ever had to face and I must let you know that we are being targeted in ways that are extremely unusual. . . The Freedom of our nations is in serious danger, as is the freedom of citizens and government officials around the globe. Many have already lost their freedom. I want to make you aware of the pharmaceutical and technological targeting so that you have the opportunity to resist it until these crimes can be completely stopped.
   It is important that ALL citizens who are members of covert operations immediately stop contact with your leaders, because that organization is the enemy of Freedom. This crisis poses a great need for us to pull together, remain calm and listen to our Hearts above all else. Together, we can restore our Freedom.
   We have a few suggestions and hope that you will have some as well; We suggest that neighborhoods form support groups for people to freely express and deal with their concerns and feelings. I hope that targeted families pull together and be witnesses, as well as sources of help, for each other. . .especially for those who have been heavily targeted. Please mail in any suggestions or ideas that you may have on how we can better handle this situation.    
   Our agencies are probably not going to be able to handle all the phone calls that you may place. But updates will be broadcasted every evening at 7pm and websites have been set up to inform and advise those of you who are experiencing heavy levels of targeting. You will get the protection you need. We are so sorry that this is happening to you. In the event of interference with the broadcasts and websites, news papers will be distributed to trustworthy town and/or state officials who can call meetings for local citizens.
   This is a time, like no other, that we are being called to let our Hearts be here for each other in ways that we never have before, because this is not going to be easy. But we can do it - TOGETHER we can do it. We must be sources of help and comfort to each other. Reach out to your fellow human beings with compassion. And stand with me in the trust that WE WILL WIN this battle - WE WILL REGAIN OUR FREEDOM and then we'll help other nations do the same. And we'll do it through letting Love work through our Hearts and spread into our relationships with each other."

   When the broadcast ended, people cried and hugged each other. Relief spread across the world, because most people had sensed that something was horribly wrong, but not understanding it had filled them with confusion and fear. Their confusion and fear were now being replaced with understanding and hope. People were resisting the technological mind control as much as possible. Hearts were opening to help those who were in need. Everywhere you looked you there were people helping people.
   Within a few months, radio wave blockers and unfiltered radio wave detection devices were legalized and passed out or sold at reasonable prices. Strict regulations were placed on all technologies which emit radio waves and those that could not be regulated were shut down or destroyed. Citizens were no longer being used in covert operations. The lethal targetings stopped. The suffering was over. The nations and their citizens were finally free and on the road to recovery. Peace and Love quickly spread until the whole world became a peaceful heaven on Earth.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes see -
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where Love fills the void of hate
And freedom is delivered by hands of fate.
A world where everyone picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.