Sunday, December 27, 2015

Freedom's Light

Freedom's Light

Beyond all Earthly things and beings
A Light shines that's worth seeing.
More focus on that can help us all
To break through the dark walls.
If I focus on only them and you
It may never really come true.
When I look up to that Light
Hope drifts back into sight.
Beyond the confusion
Of games and wars
The Light holds open
For us the door.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Seven Candles

   Today I lit seven prayer candles for dozens of wishes that yearned to break through the walls, which the targeting has been building around my hope for us to  regain our freedom from technological control...etc.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas Dream

  I used to dream of musical Christmases with family, friends, neighbors and strangers gathered around my mahogany piano. . .laughing and singing out of tune and then snuggling to tell stories in front of my field stone fireplace. I used to dream of Christmases filled with Love, care and comfort. And I aimed in that direction, after I grew up. In the 1980s and early 1990s I had the house, the fireplace, the piano and other instruments. But then so much disruption happened in my life that it faded into a lost memory, which only sometimes peeks out as Christmas draws near. The home, the piano, the loved ones are all long gone. . .one way or the other. The targeting slyly pounded nails into my Christmas dream and wedges between me and all who used to care about me and would have gladly helped to make that dream come true. (One of the most painful parts of the targeting is the deprivation of the things we love most.)
   Since the early 1990s I've spent every Christmas day, (except for two) alone.  Within this loneliness, which is often painful, I have adopted the ritual of lighting prayer candles for those of us who are being targeted and for humanity to regain its freedom. For me, this puts a bit of meaning and Love into a holiday that has become far too empty for too many of us.

I hope you have a meaningful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

About the Targeting

   Detailed information about the targeting is on

Below is a quick overview of the bigger picture; 

The Bigger Picture

   In the beginning of my microwaved grope to figure out the technological targeting, I made a lot of mistakes - the same mistakes that many have been making - mistakes that include pointing fingers at this person or organization or that country or "the government"...etc. Its all just too confusing to fully figure out while still being targeted. But I trust what my heart has felt from the start, especially during those times when I am not being hit too hard with microwaves. . .and am able to step out of my personal situation to look at the bigger picture. This is what I see in that bigger picture;

    I see a very dark group of people sitting at the top of a pyramid - people who have been aiming to control the world, including the weather, countries and human beings. They appear to have unlimited resources, are extremely advanced with microwave weapons, mind control technologies - psychotronic weapons...etc., and seem to enjoy inflicting pain and suffering and pitting citizens, organizations and governments against each other - instigating wars...etc. Beneath them covert wars have been secretly raging through the past few decades. Beneath them whole countries have been being slowly taken over. Beneath them rogue PARTS of citizens, governments, private organizations and medical fields (especially psychiatry) have joined them in eugenics based targetings as well as pharmaceutical and technological mind control on other citizens around the globe. Beneath them healthy people have been being inflicted with various types of physical illnesses, which appear natural but are actually caused by microwave weapons. Beneath them psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control, have been being heavily pushed and even placed in some public water supplies. Beneath them healthy people have been being falsely labeled as "mentally ill," in order to medicate and/or control them. Beneath them, there has been immense suffering and confusion, especially in those who are being heavily targeted. Beneath them aware victims, who dare to publicly stand up, have been being  threatened, fed misinformation and inflicted with technological brainwashings that follow their pattern of manipulating things so that blame is placed in the wrong places. Beneath them humanity has been being enslaved, some have even been heavily targeted/tortured and then "rescued" by their abusers, leaving loved ones to think they are dead. Beneath them are various levels of enslaved mind control victims who are used to control or target others in a covert fight for freedom that is actually destroying freedom. Beneath them there appears to be sly modes of "protection" that actually enslave people and may even offer filtered technologies that prevent detection of frequencies used for mind control. Beneath them unaware, decent people have been used in the forground of their operations, in order to inconspicuously achieve their aim for control. Beneath them darkness has been spreading like a cancer around the globe. Beneath them humanity has been losing the vital freedom that it needs, in order to think and feel and grow into all that it was meant to be. Beneath them the Heart of humanity has been being slowly destroyed.
     This is truly a Holocaustal situation and, within the heartlessness,  that it has already inflicted, there is a serious danger that technological mind control could secretly continue (even after the worst of the targeting has stopped) if it is not fully exposed and citizens are not provided with honest, unfiltered methods of radio wave detection and protection until criminal use of the technologies is completely stopped.
     But, there is hope, because above those who target and enslave humanity, and those whom they control and use, is a Light that shines for us - a Light that is spreading around the globe and aiming to reach the Hearts of those who can do more to stop the destruction. . .a Light that is begging the Heart of humanity to PEACEFULLY stand up and break the lethal silence, which enables the growth of this holocaust - a Light that longs to protect and comfort tortured victims. . .a Light that calls for the public awareness of the covert program, which can set enslaved victims free, enabling the understanding that is needed for resistance. . .a Light that shines for all of humanity to understand what has been happening so that recovery can begin.

   I understand that my view is not a popular one. But the fact that it has been so heavily targeted validates its truth for me. Over and over again in my writings I have begged for people to stand up, because I have felt (and still feel) that what is needed from aware citizens, including government officials, is compassionate, humanitarian types of public stands against the abuse and harm that is being inflicted upon too many of us. . .and good old fashioned "all America" types of public stands to restore the Freedom that has been being secretly ripped away through the past several decades. For people like me, every day of this not happening feels too long - just way too long, because it sometimes seems like those days merely allow more people to suffer or die or be enslaved. . .and this can get overwhelming.
   Over and over again I have reached this point where I am now - this point where I need to try to preserve my own sanity through trying to let go of the worry and just trust that there still is a lot of Heart in our world - that many people, around the globe, are aware and are doing what they can to bring this crisis to a peaceful end. I truly believe that all of humanity will eventually be set free. . .one way or the other. This is my deepest consolation. But there is a part of my heart that remains concerned for the people whom I know that continue to be heavily targeted, myself included. we count too. I have been struggling to survive and preserve my own sanity through the targeting. For too long I have desperately needed time to regroup, regain my balance and recover (to some degree), but have often been hit even harder when I try to do these things. Obviously needed levels of peace, privacy, safety and recovery can not be obtained while still being targeted. But the need never goes away. It merely intensifies. So, I am aiming to do more in the arena of personal types of writings with the hope of releasing a bit of the pain that has become too unbearable for me to continue carrying. This book will probably be titled, "Crowded Emptiness" - a phrase that came from a poem I wrote in the 1990s. None of it will be private, because my computers are infiltrated. So some of it (if not all) will be publicly shared on and possibly on this blog;

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Ramblings of a Targeted Individual 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015



 Trying to bring balance into my self,
Put the confusion onto a shelf.
Hoping to be less offensive
In a pretense of being pensive.
Its easier when microwaves
Are not aiming to enslave.
When they do its worse than hard
To know what holds the dark cards.
Don't want to blame wrong faces
But the puppets hold all the aces.
The past can't be wiped clean,
But its not intended to be mean.
I made mistakes in rushed aims
To figure out the covert games.
Now I must stop the figuring
And try to let peace seep in.
Perhaps it will in due course
And not end up with remorse.
Perhaps if I can just let go
Of the need to see and know.
Perhaps somehow it'll be OK
If the Light shines in each day.
Perhaps Freedom will come
For me and you and everyone.
Perhaps if I hold onto hope
And find a better way to cope.
If I can turn inward even more,
To guard my heart's broken door,
I can somehow still survive
While I aim to stay alive.

The blog this poem is about;

Crowded Emptiness

Crowded Emptiness 2

I sit thinking instead of feeling
Not really living - just half dealing
My pain a fire burning my soul.
Somehow I must let it go.
But how can I among puppets -
Find my old familiar outlet?
With lasers shooting into my brain
How can I write out the pain?
Just a little at a time, with hope
Inside my pen's sorted grope
To release more than is dealt
By the crowded empty hell,
Until the void is filled with care
That is here as well as there.

    In order to understand the targeting
please visit this web site;