Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Message in the Pine

    It stood, crooked and fading on the edge of an eddy - a neglected pine tree. In its youngest days stakes were driven into the ground on either side of it, and a chain was wrapped around its trunk and stretched between the two, in order to strengthen it for the storms. But now, several years later, the chain cuts into its bark as its needles turn from green to strangled rust. What had once supported it now leads to its demise. I think it would survive if someone cared to cut the chain. Perhaps I'll cut it the next time I pass that way. Its not my property. Its not my choice. But someone needs to set it free.

 This is not about me. The chain is the silence.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Song Lyrics, "Aching Needs"

Aching Needs
by Sharon R. Poet
Tell me again. Please tell me all will be OK.
Then show the truth in words that you say.

Tell me. Please tell me that I was wrong.
Then write it down quickly into this song.

Tell me. Please tell me it's just a past game.
Then wash it away - let truth replace shame.

Forgive me. Please forgive all I've done wrong
As I forgive you between lines in my songs.

Know it. Please know that our pain is too real.
Show it. Please show it - care for how we feel.

Be good and be solid so we can depend
And lean on new towers of invisible friends.

Show me then prove it. Please just be real.
Give our world of pain a chance to be healed.

Show me. Please show me good is much stronger.
Hold me. Please hold me. I can't wait any longer.

Say it. Please say it. No secrets no more.
Then walk it and talk it. Unlock the lost door.

Soothe them. Please soothe the tears of a clown
And let freedom reach every microwaved town.

Freedom. Let freedom replace every wave.
Stand up until its done - humanity saved.

God, reach us. Please give us the strength we need.
Then Love us. Just Love us. Burst open the seeds.

Help us to see it - that beam of pure Light
Washing the wars from these passing nights.

Shine it. Please shine into every hidden part
Until its all gone - the pain and the dark.

Reach us. God, reach us. Too wounded we are.
Rub salve on our wounds and older scars.

Patch them. Please patch holes where we bleed.
Then fill every one of our Heart's aching needs.

Copyright 1/15/2016 with all rights reserved

Saturday, January 16, 2016

After the Promise

   I aimed to watch a movie, in order to stop myself from thinking about the targeting for a little while. . .and ran right into a nasty part of it.

"After the Promise" (Starring Mark Harmon) is a heart wrenching movie about a man who loses his children due to one woman's deceit and a social worker failing to understand his wife's choice to not get modern medical treatment for an illness and to give natural birth to her children at home. As he fights to get his four boys back, they are being abused in institutions which have them falsely listed as "mentally ill" and as being abandoned by their father.
  The (1930s) horrors depicted in this movie have been a sad reality. Reform has probably changed some things since that era. But these sorts of things are still happening and some of it seems eugenics based. During my employment in a mental health facility I saw and heard many things that showed children being torn from homes for next to no valid reason while other children were left in horribly abusive homes.
   It is interesting that a psychiatrist is depicted as the good guy in this movie, since the field of psychiatry STILL seems heavily involved in eugenics based targetings, which include false "mental illness" labels and harmful psychiatric drugs. Some psychiatrists surely are not part of the horrors. But I think that we still need far more, like the one depicted in this movie, whose heart reaches beyond the false paper work, and the bad advise of other physicians, in order to save one of the boys and reunite him with his father. This movie should be watched by every mental health and social service employee around the globe.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Healing Step for Twelve Step Programs

   Someone recently mentioned the "twelve step" program and it reminded me of a part of my work, which I've not had the chance to do; I'd wanted to speak to directors, of "twelve step" programs, with the hope of convincing them to add in another step, which (I feel) is the most important step in any sort of personal growth or recovery process.
   This step would be the one where people reach into the depths of their own Hearts, in order to face and release suppressed pains that are often the root cause of addictions. This step involves combing through the pains of the past, in order to fully feel them and let them go. This would include members being asked what hurt them so badly - what is the source of the pain that is being suppressed with an alcohol or drug addiction? This would require deeper levels of support for the depths of emotional healing that can make permanent recovery more successful. Please help pass this information on to twelve step group leaders. Perhaps my book, "Embracing Sadness" will help people to understand this deeper healing process. . .

Download Free Embracing Sadness pdf

If you want a hard copy it will probably be cheaper to order it on amazon than to print it out;

   As I write this I am feeling as I now do when I think of the healing part of my work and the state I am in. Those depths of healing can only happen in peaceful, supportive, private, compassionate environments. It literally can not be done under the constraints of radio wave mind control of any sort, or when a person is in distress or is living in a stressful environment. (This is in the book) Sometimes the distress that keeps an addiction going is in the present (not just the past) and, in these situations, the first step toward healing needs to be freedom from that source of distress and finding or creating a safe and supportive environment.
   We need freedom from all levels of covert targeting, especially from pharmaceuitcal and technological mind control, in order to even have the opportunity to fully feel and heal our Hearts, our past, our present and our future. I do not have that freedom. I wish I did. I hope you do. I hope we all do soon. Please read the site below.
   My own healing process (which is a vital part of my work) has been sabotaged through heavy radio wave and other forms of covert targeting, especially since the 1980s when I first started launching into the depths of it. But I have done a lot of deep healing work in between the heaviest rounds of targeting and before it got so bad that it became all I can do to just survive the targeting and pray for it to end soon.

P.S. I have never done a twelve step program, but I used to know people who had and was surprised to hear that none of the steps included looking into what hurt/wounded the person who has the addiction...etc., so that it can be faced and healed - the pain released. I had felt called to start trying to speak to the directors of these programs in the year 2000, just before hell broke loose around me. I never did get to it except for once.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Like a Prison With No key

Like a prison with no key
The covert world batters me.
Inside too much pain to feel
My heart longs for good and real.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Blind Trust

 This whole situation is more than difficult due to no solid place where we can turn to for help - no officials who are acknowledging the crimes as lives continue to be destroyed and families torn apart. I do trust that there are good people, in the world, who are doing good things to secure humanity's future safety, but in my personal situation, it is a blind trust that needs something solid to build on and hold strong. Good solid people, with clear explanations, that deliver understanding and reassurance, are what earns trust and respect. I have not had that yet. I wish I did or could. I wish we all did.

 The Games

They blend into what looks the same
In the confusion of covert games.
I think, perhaps its this
Then perhaps its that,
But its all hidden
Beneath a dark hat,
Round and round
In dizzy circles
While I grope for
Invisible miracles.

    I have experienced many episodes, in the covert targeting, of those who target me zooming in, pretending to be good "rescuers"...etc. I know that there is genuine good in the world. And I have wished, for a long time, that it would openly stand in the Light. I have wished this for ALL of us. . .and still do. My heart aches through every day of this not happening, because the silence still appears to be making the darkness grow. We need the Light to grow.

The pull for my Attention

Its too dangerous
To honor the bad
In order to
Respect the good.
I wish they were
Separate -
That good stood apart
From the crazy games
That break my heart.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Grief for Old TI Ridges

   This morning I woke and then dozed back to sleep and had a dream/vision. In it I was walking down a sidewalk and saw an elderly man sitting on a bench. I reached for his hand and as I held it I noticed deep ridges in his finger nails. Grief gripped me so hard that I began to cry, gasping for breath between my sobs. My legs collapsed from under me and I sat before him, head on his knees, crying for him - for his broken spirit - for the confused emptiness that decades of torture had set into his eyes.
   I woke up crying and, hours later, I still feel deep sadness for those of us who have suffered too much for too long. This pain has been accumulating in my heart for a long time. I cannot imagine that it will even start going away until the technological targeting is exposed and stopped and we have the validation and support that is needed for recovery to begin.

FYI; Ridges in fingernails are a sign of long term technological targeting. I have them too.