Thursday, February 11, 2016

Its Safer to Stand in the Light!

Masses of dark crows
Lurk behind your trees.
They are behind you
More than around me.
That is why I've been
Begging you to please
Stand up in the Light
And set yourselves free.

Its Safer to Stand in the Light!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Who do I want to vote for?

Who do I want to vote for? Which one is not bashing the others?

   I hope that our next president will have the Heart to Truly care about humanity, the wisdom of experience in the field of governing, and enough maturity and self confidence to not be degrading or bashing opponents...etc. But is this possible under the constraints of technological mind control targeting? I don't think so.
    I have not watched much of the debates this year. But the little I have watched makes me wonder if some of the candidates are being either technologically targeted or controlled. I would think that anyone in such an important position would be genuinely protected from electromagnetic (microwave) interference with their brains. But are they? I don't think so. And how can citizens follow their own Hearts and instincts, when it comes to voting, if they are under the influence of technological mind control? They can't. God help America. And God help all of humanity, because this situation, if allowed to continue, will have a global impact. America needs to be saved, not only for its own sake, but also for humanity's sake. Please help save America from technological mind control enslavement.

Please read this site and help spread the word

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Shelf

The Shelf

Those Hearts don't belong
On that dark shelf.
Once you were you.
Now somebody else.
Its the darkest night
That's ever been layed
But that choice isn't one
That any of us made.
It just slithered in,
Without a warning sign,
Making some of us dumb
And the rest of us blind.
Now how will we ever
Be set free?
That shelf don't belong
To you or me.
Who bought the lock?
Who holds the key?
And whose left to care
About humanity?
Maybe someday
They will break the chain.
And all that was lost
Can be regained.

Somebody Else

 Somebody Else

When I was with you I thought
You were somebody else,
Someone whose Heart
Is not on the shelf.

I searched in your games,
Up and down your roads
And all that I found
Were stories untold.
Now you think I owe you
But I don't even know you.
And I wish you'd either go
Or let care care to show.

When I was with you I thought
You were somebody else
Someone whose Heart
Is not on the shelf.

I am not your puppet -
Not a thing to be used.
And I'm not needing
To be further abused.
I beg and I plead
To just be set free,
But you badger, harass
And still follow me.

When I was with you I thought
You were somebody else
Someone whose Heart
Is not on the shelf.

I never knew until now
How ignorance is bliss.
Those blinder days
Are the ones I now miss.
When you hid in shadows
Around my lost homes
Letting me think that
I was all alone.

When I was with you I thought
You were somebody else
Someone whose Heart
Is not on the shelf.

This song is about when those who target me and had zoomed in to pretend to be "help."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

“And she never complained”

   The last time I heard someone say, “She never complained,” about a suffering person, I cringed. A part of me wanted to say, “Why not? Why did she not say things like, ‘I feel hurt’ or ‘I feel scared’...etc. Why is the stifling of pain and suffering now perceived as a good thing? What is wrong with this picture?”  The sadistic targeting demands no complaints - no acknowledgement of the pain - no tears - no talking about it - no facing it and no healing from it. If you are ever tortured or suffering...I hope you complain until you receive the comfort and help you need. Its OK to acknowledge and talk about it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vision of a World With Heart

This list began with an article I wrote in 2004 and is merely
a few ideas on how our world can become a better place to live.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Facilities Are Not Privately Owned and are NON-Profit Organizations; * Medical costs drastically drop down.
* All medical staff is paid average wages. Those who are drawn to that profession are naturally good caregivers.
* Herbal, and other home remedies, are encouraged.
* Pharmaceuiticals are only used when absolutely needed.
* Injured or ill people are encouraged to recover at home, when emergency medical attention is not needed. Community and family members take turns tending to their needs.
* There are no nursing homes - the elderly are cared for by family and community members.
* People who have personal issues are no longer medicated or labeled as “mentally ill” - they are encouraged to allow a healthy grieving process and talk about and heal from their emotional pain. People are realizing that Love - compassionate understanding is the best medicine.

Insurance is being Replaced by Assurance of Needs being Met With Less Hassles and Less Expense;
* Community members put half, of what they’d normally pay insurance companies, into their own pockets. . .and the other half into an interest earning “Community Help Fund,” which covers expenses that would usually be paid by insurance companies. Surpluses, at the end of the year, are used to help neighboring communities or general community needs...etc.
* Law suits are no longer happening, because people are taking responsibility for their own actions and are not greedily wanting more than they need and deserve. Victims of accidents and illnesses are being helped by community members and “Community Help Funds.” This is done so honestly and fairly that nobody can have legitimate complaints. Everybody’s needs get met.
* Example of fund amount; a community of about 10,000 households paying $1,500 per year, which ads up to $16,000,000 plus interest earned from that as well as from a few small loans for homes and vehicles needed by stable community members...etc.

Government Officials Are Paid an Average Wage and Earn Their Positions Through Many Years of Genuine, Compassionate Community Service.
* The primary job of the highest levels of governments are to protect the countries and their communities.
* Taxes are extremely low, because community members gladly take turns volunteering time to help government agencies.
* There are no more wars between countries, because they function in the same ways that neighbors are expected to - with respect and caring consideration for each other’s needs and differences. 

Businesses Owners Are No Longer Getting Rich;
* Small business owners and farmers are more supported by community members and are no longer being put out of business by large organizations. 
* Existing large organizations have been turned into wholesale distributors that fairly serve small local businesses.
* Prices of products drastically drop, because no one is making more profit than what is needed for them to lead safe and healthy lives.
* People are realizing that more really is less. Those who have too much help those who have too little.
* People are following thier own Hearts into their own life purpose instead of following the norm or other peoples expectations...etc.

Financially Poor People are Loved, Comforted and Gladly Helped by Community Members
* There are no longer many poor people, because they are all getting the Love and the help that they need, in order to get back onto their own feet.
* Greed and selfishness are being replaced with compassion - people are gaining the compassion to share money as easily as they share their time, food, advise, homes, shoulders, wisdom...etc.
* Those who degrade or withhold help from monetarily poor people are encouraged to take time to self reflect and heal from the pains that blocked their own Hearts.
* People are finding the Heart to not take advantage of other people's struggles. Example; A family that is struggling to keep their house gets the help to keep it instead of being forced to sell it to someone who will profit from a resale.
* There are no homeless and suffering veterans; injured veterans are attending support groups lead by people who understand and encourage the natural healing process. Psychiatric pharmaceuticals are avoided and true healing is encouraged - they talk about their experiences, cry to release their pain and support each other through this healing process. Hugs are encouraged.

Population Control is Openly Addressed;
* Experts are informing the general public of the dangers of the Earth becoming too populated.
* The problem is being discussed in the media and by community members. People are becoming concerned enough to start thinking about what they can do to help solve the problem. Many are leaning toward choosing abstinence or natural methods of birth control, in order to help humanity.
* Young people who freely choose to be sterilized are rewarded with a few thousand dollars to help them get a car, job, education...etc.
*Abortions, in early stages of pregnancy, are a personal choice. Individuals who choose abortion are not judged by fellow human beings. The issue is between them and God and they must do what they feel is best for themselves.
* Communities are offering sex education classes. People are learning the difference between having sex and making love. Sex without love is not harshly discouraged, in order to prevent people from aiming in that direction out of defiance. But it is no longer encouraged and good morals are rewarded with approval.
* Hollywood is cleaning up its act. Sexually suggestive attire and actions are no longer encouraged in public media. 
* Pornography is strictly banned from the internet and all other forms of social media. Sexually exploitive magazines are no longer openly displayed on magazine racks...etc.
* Being natural is becoming more popular than plastic surgery. How much genuine Heart a person has is becoming more important than what a person’s body looks like - humanity is growing up.

The Technological Holocaust Is Over;
* Remote technological mind control, and other forms of microwave targeting, have been completely exposed and stopped.
* Humanity is recovering from the dark mind control manipulations that had been instilled into the minds of many - homosexuality, greed and selfishness are greatly diminishing.
* There are no more covert wars.
* Victims now have the validation they need, in order to recover.
* The eugenics movement has been stopped. People are no longer being microwaved into having physical illnesses. Things like Morgellons and lupus no longer exist.
* Microwave (radio wave) detection technologies are unfiltered and commonly used to ensure humanity’s safety.
* Radio wave blockers may be used by people who live in areas where they are subjected to radiation (like near power lines...etc.) as long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s right to receive the radio waves. (Perhaps this can be set up and regulated by law enforcement so that the privilege is not abused.)
* The public is being informed of the dangers of ELF - radio wave (wifi) exposure.
* Schools only have wifi in designated areas that children do not frequent.
* Public wifi is only in designated areas that can be easily avoided by people who do not want to be effected by them, like in one small part of  libraries, airports, motels, restaurants...etc.
* Many people are returning to the old wired internet access, especially in homes that have children, because it is safer for everyone. Children are rarely subjected to cell phones and computers.
* Microwave and laser weapons are only used for good and defense in extremely threatening situations. But these situations are no longer happening between nations, organizations or people.

All Levels of Mind Control Have Been Stopped
* Subliminal messaging in songs, movies...etc., is a crime with heavy fines and prison sentences. Since this crime is so easily detected by watchful professionals, it is no longer happening.
* People are encouraged to follow their Hearts into making their own dreams come true, instead of being told that they have to chose a certain career or attend a university, in order to make something of their lives. People are realizing that the greatest form of education happens through direct experience and apprenticeship programs are forming in most professions. Most students even earn money while they learn.
* Remote technological mind control no longer happens on anyone.
* Psychiatric pharmaceuticals are rarely used and only used in emergency situations where the benefits far outweigh the ill effects.
* Mental abuse, including covert harassment, is strictly forbidden and punishable with long prison sentences.
* Secret Societies and satanic occults, which recruit and/or brainwash people, are against the law. So many occult leaders have been arrested and thrown in jail that stray members dare not take their place and are adopting better ways.

Prisons Are Being Reformed;
* Inmates are being interviewed and innocent people, who were victims of framings (holocaustal targeting) are being set free. Many are consenting to honest technological lie detection tests, in order to help prove their innocence. Community members are embracing them and helping them to recover.
* The cost of prisons are being greatly diminished through giving inmates, who are not a serious threat to people, the choice to live and work in the community under 24 hour satellite surveillance, instead of staying in prison. And they are forewarned that microwave weapons may be used on them if they become a threat to anyone. Only people with integrity and compassion hold positions behind surveillance and laser weapon systems, which are strictly regulated.

There is Peace on Earth;
* People are realizing that Love and Light are that Highest Power, which never has and never will condone wars and vengeance. Humanity has become wise enough to not use God/Love/Light...etc., as a justification to perform evil acts.
* As people work at healing their own individual Hearts their connection to that Highest source of Love automatically deepens. Love for themselves and others is growing rapidly.
* People are treating each other with deeper levels of respect and compassion.
* The considerate sharing and caring that is growing between family and community members is also growing between religions and countries. Cultural and religious differences are respected.
* There is peace on Earth, because Love is working through the Hearts of individuals around the globe.

Please let Love win.

 (This is a work in progress - more may be added later.)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Hard Working People

  Lately, when I hear the phrase "good hard working people," I worry about what is meant by it and how numb and mechanical our world is becoming. There are many different types of work and its important that we have the freedom to follow our Hearts into it and not be shoved into someone else's mold. But no matter who we are, or what we were born to be doing with out lives, the most important type of work we can do is that which is done when we let private solitude lead us into the soaring depths of our own Hearts. We do this work when we take time to process our life's experiences - when we take quiet time to think and feel and grieve and heal and grow into deeper levels of Love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Its the type of work that brings more Love into our world and makes it a better place to live in. And, sadly, it is the type of work that is being prevented by technological and pharmaceutical mind control. I hope that we can all become "good hard working people" very soon.

Healing the world begins and finishes
With the healing of our individual Hearts.