Thursday, March 31, 2016

In my Heart

 In my heart
I do not want to place blame
And don't want covert games.
I feel for them as well as you
And my feelings count too.


I claim to be against wars
While I fight them with words.
Bullets can also be
What we have heard.
Mine come from
My pain and fear
And care for all
That I hold dear,
For our protection
From this plight
That lashed in
From the night.

Oh God, I wish we were "alright."

To Shame

If you were in the Light
All could be "alright"
But you chose the games
That put you to shame.

Please turn the other way.


I can not understand their sorted games
Where all and none can take the blame
And the sun could shine it away again
We wait and wait until then and when
While lives fall and tears call
And one year turns to ten!

I'm still waiting.

Dare I?

You have all the power
All of the control
And are infiltrated
With nasty crows.
Dare I not say a word
Until some have surely heard,
In order to protect us all
From your potential fall?

I do, but I'm scared

Once Again

I sat trapped
In a dark place
Where pain rose
And teared my face.
Then I saw a Hawk
Which gave me hope
Until they once again
Yanked away the rope.

I cry

Until They Stop

They cornered me, tortured and terrified
As I saw and brought it into the Light
Their horrid war - their covert fight
Can never be good or be alright
Until they stop and do not hide.

Please stop.