Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love's Best Seed

 Freedom and protection
Is something we all need,
In order for real Love
To plant its best seed.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Trust can only grow through positive, 
person-to-person interaction.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Someday, humanity will find the Heart, and the courage, to openly stand up and save itself from further technological and pharmaceutical destruction and enslavement.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Private Sadness

When puppets make comments
It does not sooth or console
These are my private feels
That block because they know.

I wish I my life were private
So I could just let go
Of sadness that is now
Too strong to show.

Oh cry for me, dear dove
And sore into the sky
To set the Truths free
And let us know why.

How did it all become
Such a confusing mess?
And which ones are there
With the darkest rest?

Oh please don't let
Innocence be blamed,
Not by them or me
Or any other name.

The Setting Sunrise

The Setting Sunrise

Where boxes climb into boxes instead being free,
All the world suffers under Freedoms unmet need.
The sun rises to be covered, set or erased
Leaving screens of darkness in their place.
Oh Lord, help me find the strength to persevere
Hold me in your arms and squelch my rising fear.
Show me that Your Light will wash it all away
And let the real Sun shine into another day.

Show me that "all will be OK."

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Global Meditation Request

This is a plea for every citizen of the world to participate in
uniting, at the same times, one day per month, in good wishes,
 visualizations or prayers, to help heal yourself and our troubled world.
Download a printable pdf of this page;

   Most people are not aware of the full scope of what is happening in our world, but I think that most people can feel that something is horribly wrong. This meditation is a small thing that we can all do, in order to help ourselves and others as well as the Earth and its atmosphere. . .no matter what our spiritual belief is. Please let your Heart participate. The power of visualization and prayer can not be overstated. The more we practice, and the deeper we focus, the more powerful this experience can be. So, please also think about making this a daily practice, which includes other things that you feel a need to improve in your own life.

 On the following dates and times, please sit or lay in a peaceful place to deeply wish, visualize or pray for the things listed below. You can do all three or the one that best fits your belief system.

Day;  The first day of every month (And every other chance you get)

Times;  7:00am, 12:00pm, 7:00pm and 12:00am - Eastern USA time (Preferably at all four times, but at least two.)

Duration;  At least 16 minutes at each time (More is better. Do what you can.)

The Visualization; Imagine large beams of pure white Light flooding down from the sky, entering into the top of your head and filling your body, clearing your mind of all negative influences, filling your Heart with Love. Then imagine the Light shining into your home and community. . .expanding until it is surrounding and filling the whole Earth. . .washing out the dark with pure healing Light. Imagine the Heart, mind and soul of humanity to be immediately set free from all that harms, controls and suppresses.
   You can also add in white Angels floating in with the Light - Angels that reach out to people in need - Angels that hug people who need hugs, console people who need consoling, heal people who need healing...etc. Don't forget to imagine at least one of those Angels holding you. You need it too. Let Love hold you for a while. Let it touch your Heart. Know that you are Lovable, no matter what. You deserve that Love.
(Do this for as long as you can and then also do the prayer and/or wish if it feels right to you.)

The Prayer; Pray for Love and Light to fill your body, especially your mind and Heart so they can be free of negative influences. Pray for the Heart, mind and soul of humanity to be immediately set free from all that harms, controls and suppresses. Please also pray, from the depths of your Heart, for the immediate end of all that harms the Earth and its atmosphere. Pray for darkness to be replaced with Light throughout the world. . .and in every possible way. Try to picture this happening.
(If it feels right to you please also do the visualization.)

The Wish; Wish for humanity to be immediately set free from all that harms, controls and suppresses. Also wish, from the depths of your Heart, for the immediate end of all that harms the Earth and its atmosphere as well as humanity. Wish for the bad and harmful to be replaced with good and helpful throughout the world. Wish for Love to fill your own Heart and help you to be all that you can be. Wish for your own mind, and that of others, to be free from all negative influences. Try to picture this actually happening or think of what things will be like when it does. (If it feels good to you, you can also wish for the things listed in the visualization and prayer.)

All you have to do is add it to your schedule, do it and encourage others to join in. This may seem trivial to some, but not if you help them to realize that Hearts, which are touched will also do other things to help our troubled world. . .and we need all the help we can get. We can heal the world. We can. Lets do it.

I hope to meet you there. . .in that place where Hearts are touched, Love comforts and heals, Peace abounds and Freedom is free.

Please print and share this with
 as many people as possible
Download a printable pdf of this page;

Monday, April 11, 2016

What We Are Here For

Please throw down the weapons
That cannot be named
And bring a genuine end
To the covert games.
Please lay down your lasers,
Stop the covert war
And care to remember
What we are here for.

"We're here to Love."

   I know I've shared this before, but it appears to have been erased and it can not be said enough until we ALL understand and do it - love each other, instead of hurting each other.

Call for GENUINE Peace

May genuine peace
Replace the covert war
And Hearts step out
To inform and restore.
Leaving. . .
Humanity more free
Than ever before.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


How do I let go of
What is still here -
The tortures, targetings
And losses of all I hold dear?


Letting go happens when changes happen.

Will They?

[Update; Though I had tried to be objective with this post, my fear had written it during a time when I was stranded in a parking lot and being painfully tortured for a long periods of time - during one of those times when I was literally fearing for my life. I'm still scared. I have lightly edited this post since then. And I hope it does not offend anyone.]
  The targeting is so confusing that its hard to be 100% sure of anything while still being targeted and not having clear, peaceful time to figure things out. I do not want to unfairly blame, but I have had some serious concerns.

  In my personal situation there are two points of view
 - the bigger picture and the smaller picture.

   When I look at the bigger picture I feel that the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, and the covert enslavement program, has grown to holocaustal levels and is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped for the safety and Freedom of all of humanity. I feel that many organizations, including all levels of law enforcement, have been being infiltrated and are victims of sly technological mind control and enslavement into the program that is targeting us. I feel for them too. This is all a scary situation that is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped. It appears that “rescues” into the covert program, and certain modes of "protection," are actually enslavement and I am concerned for all whom this may have happened to.
   When I am not stuck in my own pain and fear, I can feel for people who are being used by those who target harmless people like me, especially if they are enslaved or deceived or unaware of being mind control victims. They count too and they need their freedom too. The situation with law enforcement is like the situation within my family. They are not bad - many are enslaved victims of a dark force that has been targeting all of humanity.) I feel for them, but I count too. . .

On a personal level - the smaller picture; I feel trapped, hurt, confused and scared. Since the sabotaging of the homes I'd owned, my business and long term relationships, I have been being held in a homeless prison where I live in a vehicle and the technological targeting and covert harassment continues and gets even worse when I aim to do my work or get back onto my own feet in some other way. There seems no way out of my situation and I am concerned about what will happen to me, especially since there has been no safe place to turn for protection and validation.

   Since there has appeared to be some law enforcement involvement in the targeting, and because there have been attempts to frame me or have me institutionalized, I have a legitimate concern about ending up in the hands of law enforcement that could possibly be influenced by the people who are targeting me. There is a serious danger in those who target me having control over anyone who is in a position of authority over me, especially if they are unaware mind control victims.
   In the past few decades I've had some good experiences with law enforcement officials, but also some questionable ones where some of them appeared to be part of the targeting.  I do not want to place unfair blame. Some of my experiences are too confusing for me to be sure of exactly who is doing it. I know that those who target me actually manipulate things to try to make us blame the government. I know that things are not always the way they appear to be. Some of it is really confusing. I have been being so heavily targeted that I have not had the chance to fully figure it all out. I hope that it can all be honestly made clear to me someday. I hope things are better than they have appeared to be. But, I cannot help how I feel. . .and I feel too trapped and scared and vulnerable and unsafe.
   There is so much happening in the overall targeting that it would be foolish to only point fingers at the small stuff, which cannot be clear or resolved under the constraints of the technological mind control. I feel that if the technological mind control were genuinely exposed and stopped most of the little stuff would automatically stop happening and people from all walks of life would pull together and support each other and help each other to recover from what it has done to us. We are all victims, of various sorts, and we all need our Freedom back so that we can start Loving each other instead of hurting each other. But until that happens, this smaller stuff is what could continue hurting people like me.

 I beg all levels of law enforcement to realize what is happening and let your Hearts make a peaceful, public stand for your own Freedom as well as ours.

 God help us all to be totally set free.

Held in Prison

I am still being held in a prison
Stalked and guarded by crows*
Who squawk from the top
Of old street light poles.

* Crows, ravens and vultures are what I call the perpetrators who are targeting humanity.


The crows* want a revolution, which can only happen through those who serve them or are controlled by them. I hope you follow your Hearts instead.

* Crows, ravens and vultures are what I call the perpetrators who are targeting humanity.

More Sorry

I feel sorry for mind control victims who have been enslaved into the covert program. But I feel a lot more sorry for those of us who are being hurt, targeted or destroyed by them.

After the Wars Have Stopped

Peace can only settle in AFTER the wars have stopped.

Under the Mask of Peace

Wars that secretly rage 
Under the mask of peace
Are the most dangerous kind.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Out of My Hands

Late Yesterday I made a pact
To leave more in God's hands
Because I can't be sure of much
And often do not understand.
I do not believe that
Anything I write
Can save me
From this plight.
The only thing
That really can
Is the Light.